• New DX Report Experiment

    I have a new experiment I'd like to try out for those of you that enjoy the DX spotting we do during tropo band openings. It's a relatively simple setup using Google Forms and Google Spreadsheets. The nice thing about this from my standpoint is that it doesn't add to the already hefty database being used for the forums, and it's a pretty simple thing to set up and use. I've tested it from an end-user standpoint and it seems to be accessible and working fine.

    To post DX reports and view the list, registered/approved users may access the DX drop-down option on the menu-bar. This is not visible to guests.

    Things I need to improve/learn:

    1. How to sort the spreadsheet so the latest hits show at the top. There are scripts that describe how to make it work but I'm trying to wrap what's left of my brain around what exactly needs to be done to accomplish it. In the meantime anyone can sort the database by any of the fields by clicking on the header's down arrow.

    2. How to retain the amount of characters to the right of the decimal point for both frequency and tone columns. For either it's not the end of the world, for PL entries of say 123.0 it's only showing 123.

    If those of you that post DX data could please give this a shot I'd appreciate it. Suggestions (to include telling me to pound sand) are as always welcome.
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