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    Default Police Frequencies & the Pro96 Scanner

    I would like to put pawtucket police in my pro96 the freq. I beleive is still analog it is 470.7250R but next to it under tone it says APCO25, is there a special way I need to put this freq. in the scanner? I noticed like Prov fire is under 154.370 D.-FM and is coming in clear as well as N.P. Fire. I am just confused with the APCO25 for Pawt. Police. Do I just program it in as I see it or is there any modes I need to push ? Does it need to be under Motorola? Thanks.

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    Pawtucket PD is Digital, not analog, (thats what the APCO 25 means) but it is conventional (not trunked) so just enter the freq's into the scanner and select FM for mode and the scanner will figure out that it's digital all by itself.
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    Thanks , Sorry I am new to all this digital/trunking stuff.

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