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    Default Central Mass DCR Fire Towers Feeds

    Back by popular demand (err Special Request), Given the significant start to this brush fire season along with the dry conditions, I've relaunched my Fire Tower Feed that was previously available in Teamspeak. This is launched and available through Radio Reference Now.

    Scanned frequencies include DCR 13, DCR 14, Distict 7 Low band, District 7 Orange, and Webster & Dudley Fire.

    I have set this up to have Alpha Tags but am not convinced yet that its functioning properly.

    Anyway, enjoy the feed!
    Greg Lynskey
    Communications Center Director - South Worcester County Communications Center

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    Thanks for the feed, Greg. Always good listening at this time of year; hopefully no one will suffer any loss from all of these fires.

    That said, I'm monitoring the feed with RR's Java based player and seeing the tags just fine.
    Scott - Scan New England Webmaster

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