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Thread: Airspy SDR

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    Default Airspy SDR

    We have mentioned the forthcoming Airspy SDR, which while based on the RTL dongles we love so much, is a much more robust receiver capable of displaying 10 MHz of spectrum simultaneously anywhere between 24-1750 MHz. There is more information now available at . Register if you are interested, please, as the more people that express an interest in purchasing there are the less expensive the device may be. As it stands now the target range for pricing is between $99 and $149.

    Apparently preliminary testing by the beta team has yielded amazingly good results, with reportedly 8 MHz of spectrum being alias and image free, which is an inherent problem with SDR's given their lack of front end filtering. I'm sure everyone's mileage will vary with this given so many different types of RF environments, but it is encouraging. The person taking the lead in this project is also the author of SDRSharp, incidentally.

    This will be a USB 2.0 device and will run "out of the box" with SDRSharp software. I expect it'll run with SDR-Radio as well and it's all ready to go with gnuradio, gqrx, osmocom-sdr, etc. in Linux.

    If you're interested, please register and let them know! Thanks.
    Scott - Scan New England Webmaster

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    I've been holding out for a HackRF but I'd grab one of these to play with.

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