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    Default NEAR-Fest is not optional!! NEAR-Fest XVIII Friday and Saturday Oct 16 & 17th

    Who is going to NEAR-Fest XVIII Friday and Saturday May Oct 16 & 17th at the Deerfield Fairgrounds???

    As I always remind people who say that can't go..... NEAR-Fest is not optional!!

    NEAR-Fest XVIII is this Friday and Saturday.

    Below is this years official frequency list for all attending the Admission Fee is only 5$ this time.

    The W1ASS Epson NH repeater is on the air and better than ever. Still on 443.850. Its 88.5 both in and out. However in addition it is now mixed mode P25 with a NAC of 353 This is fantastic news as this repeater reaches way down into Massachucetts and is full quieting portable on the fairgrounds. I always tell folks if you add one channel to your radio for NEAR-Fest this should be it.
    P25 folks this is the busiest couple of days for Epson please listen mixed mode and yield to analog use.

    Anyways the rest of the official freq list for Fall of 2015

    On site: And all are welcome to join us!
    GEMOTO 900 On Site Repeater (WA1NVC) 927.5875out 100.0 902.5875in 131.8 (most active)
    GEMOTO/PRA UHF Analog Simplex 446.200S 131.8
    443.850 Epson NH W1ASS 88.5in and out and P25 NAC353
    GEMOTO Cool kids with P25 448.775S Nac353 (Westborough Direct) lets keep Epson open for a lot of analog use
    900 Super Cool Kids with P25 now on 927.400S Nac293 [I'm not one of them...]

    Greater Deerfield General Area (and serving fairgrounds):
    927.6875R 88.5/88.5 Deerfield W1ASS
    443.850 Epson NH W1ASS 88.5in and out and P25 NAC353 P25 N353 (495 to the Fairgrounds. I can't stress this repeater enough add it to your radios now!)
    The NEARfest official TALK In 146.700 88.5

    MotoTrbo NH Statewide various repeaters or Direct on site

    In NH:
    443.850R Epson NH W1ASS 88.5/88.5
    53.77 Gunstock 71.9
    Goffstown/UNK NH 927.7125R
    MotoTrbo NH Statewide

    On the Way Up Thru MA:
    MotoTrbo MA Statewide
    Georgetown MA 927.7250R 100.0
    Goffstown/UNK NH 53.07R 52.03in DerryIn151.4 HopIn71.9
    Framingham MA 53.27R 71.9 100.0 will take you all the way to the fairgrounds..
    Westborough MA 448.7750R P25NAC353 or D244
    Waltham 449.075 88.5/CS (active till nh border area then switch to Epson)

    P25 on the way up
    Waltham 146.6400R NAC293
    Westborough MA 448.7750R NAC353

    There have been many changes on 900 MHz the last few weeks specially with input frequencies for several repeaters. Bring your portables and mobiles by the PRA/GEMOTO tent or the N1ZZN/KC1HO area to get blasted up to date.

    see you there K1BOS

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    A little rain on Friday morning, and cool temperatures, but it was still another great event! Good seeing those that I saw, as always.
    Jeff Lehmann - N1ZZN WQDJ863
    Hanson, MA

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