The 146.48 repeater is now voted P25 mixed mode!
Today WECT members John, N2YHK, Eric, N7ECM, and I migrated the voter for the 146.48 repeater to a Motorola ASTRO-TAC 3000.
In addition to the above people, I’d like to thank WECT members Andrew, NS1A, Kurt, N1PFC, Rob, N1XH, and Harrison, KB1UOD, as well as WPIWA members Ethan, KC1AEJ, and David (call sign TBD) all of whom assisted with prep work over the past couple weeks.
If you have a P25 capable radio, please jump on and check your programming.
Repeater Info:
Output: 146.480
Input: 144.980
5K Deviation
PL: 107.2 (in/out)
NAC: 250 (in/out)