Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden), NH (New Hampshire), OH (Ohio),ID (Idaho), FL

(Florida), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA (Japan), CN (Edmonton Alberta), AZ (Arizona), HI


((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

08992.0 0134Z Celestial USB w/EAM MBXCFE (30 chars) for (missed). (FL)

08992.0 0136Z Celestial USB w/EAM MB46XV (30 chars) "for Necktie". (FL)

11175.0 0142Z Mainsail USB R/Cs w/Bobby 81 (prob KC-135R 92nd ARW Fairchild AFB AK). (FL)

11175.0 1056Z Celstial USB w/EAM MBD?Y?UY (30 chars) " for Tree Family". (SW)

11175.0 1415Z Red River USB R/Cs w/unheard stn. (NH)

11175.0 1447Z Celestial USB w/Ginger Ale (TACAMO/ABNCP) completing authentication procedures for

entry into the net. (CN)

11175.0 1451-1456Z Celestial USB w/EAMs 72U2YK (30 chars) & 72MNWZ (30 chars). (CN)

11232.0 1525Z Trenton Military USB w/Canadair 382 w/selcal check (KP-JS). (CN)

11175.0 1528Z Trenton Military USB w/Atlas 340 (CC-130H # 130340 435th Transport/Rescue Sqdn CFB

Winnepeg) requesting selcal check (GH-AE). Trenton advises secondary freq is 9007 & there is no trfc

from RCC. Atlas 340 advises they will be operating out of Norway House Airport (CYNE). (CN)

11105.0 1537Z Unid stn USB/ALE w/unid stn. After ALE handshake M-110-like digital signal exchanged.


11175.0 1544Z Skull 41 (B-52H 2nd BW/20th BS, Barksdale AFB, LA) USB calling any stn. Answered by

Skull 43. (CN)

11175.0 1555Z Same 81 (sounds like a B-52) USB calling any stn--answered by Andrews. (CN)

11175.0 1559Z Celestial USB w/EAM 72URZR (30 chars). (CN)

11305.0 1652Z Boeing Seattle USB w/Boeing 549 (B-777 TC-LJK)w/voice & selcal check. Boeing 549

advises they have selcal but no voice. Boeing Seattle requests they QSY to 13312.0 USB. At this time

SDS-B shows BOE 549 at FL390 east of Portland OR heading south. (CN)

13312.0 1655Z Boeing Seattle and Boeing 549 in voice checks. (CN)

11232.0 1716Z Trenton Military USB calling ATTCS Wainwright (poss Canadian Forces Base/ Area

Support Unit Wainwright, Alberta) w/no response. (CN)

11282.0 1720Z San Francisco USB w/Steel 81 (KC-135R # 58-0045 PA ANG 171ARW Pittsburgh PA) check-in

w/San Francisco & selcal check. At this time ADS-B shows Steel 81 over the Pacific west of Los

Angeles heading southwest. (CN)

11175.0 1726Z Celestial USB w/EAM MBQZEF (36 chars), (CN)

11175.0 1809Z RH 801 (P-3C, VP-46 NAS Whidbey Island WA) USB calling Mainsail. (CN)

11175.0 1810Z Celestial USB w/EAMs 72ANLR (30 chars) & 72RCJR (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 1821Z Celestial USB w/EAM 72DXZN (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 1827Z Pawn Shop (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Celestial. (CN)

11175.0 1828-1843Z Celestial USB w/EAM 727J3O (30 chars) then repeats of 72RCJR (30 chars), MBQZEF

(36 chars) & 72URZR (30 chars)--stops in middle of 72URZR then" disregard this xmission". (CN)

11175.0 1848-1854Z Celestial (different op) USB w/repeats of 72RCJR (30 chars), MBQZEF (36 chars) &

72URZR (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 1905Z Pawn Shop USB calling Celestial w/no response. (CN)

11175.0 1912Z Andrews USB R/Cs w/acft 9908. (CN)

11175.0 1915Z Rogue 39 (prob B-52H, 2nd BW/11th BS, Barksdale AFB LA) USB calling any radio--

answered by Pawn Shop. (CN)

11175.0 2006Z Pawn Shop USB calling Celestial w/no response. (CN)

11175.0 2014Z Reach 379 (prob C-17A # 08-8199 62nd AMW Joint Base McChord WA) USB calling Mainsail.


11175.0 2017Z Trenton Military USB w/Sentry 60 (E-3C # 75-0557 552nd ACW Tinker AFB OK) in pp

w/private call. (CN)

11175.0 2037Z Habitat (TOCC NAS Whidbey Island WA) USB R/Cs w/Mainsail. (CN)