((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in Edmonton Alberta

11175.0 1730Z Neon Sign USB " standing by for trfc"...Neon Sign out.

11175.0 1804Z Neon Sign USB w/Resection (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/request & authentications to check out of net.

11175.0 1808Z Neon Sign USB w/Car Coat (spelled--TACAMO/ABNCP) w/authentications to enter net.

11175.0 1815Z Top Song (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Neon Sign w/no response.

11175.0 1818Z Neon Sign w/EAM C62C3Z (30 chars).

11175.0 1819Z Reach 7E1 (C-17A # 05-5139 AFRC 452AMW/729AS March AFB CA)USB R/Cs w/Neon Sign.

11175.0 1820Z Car Coat USB w/repeat of EAM C62C3Z (30 chars)

11175.0 1825Z Top Song USB calling Neon Sign. Neon Sign responds advising Top Song is weak & unreadable and to stand by while Neon Sign "changes stns".

11175.0 1840Z Neon Sign USB w/Top Song w/authentications to enter net.

11196.0 1849Z ComSta Kodiak USB w/CG 1714 (USCG HC-130H #1714 CGAS Kodiak AK) reporting ETA Elmendorf AFB is 1:35.

11175.0 1950Z Car Coat USB w/EAM C62C3Z (30 chars).

11175.0 2006Z Neon Sign USB w/EAM YTZ4XP (30 chars) "for Elk/Elf 79." Then EAM C67HLY (30 chars).

11306.0 2021Z Boeing Everett USB w/Boeing 241 w/voice & selcal checks. Boeing 241 advises they will call on satcom in few wminutes.

11175.0 2032Z Neon Sign USB w/EAM C6LRJW (30 chars).

11175.0 2041Z Neon Sign USB w/EAM C6E5TO (30 chars).