Howdy! In discussing the Dispatch Communications LTR system, the existing Waltham system was also mentioned. So I spent some time today looking at it. (It has a separate page right now.)

LCN Finder only found 4 of the 10 described LCNs active. This is consistent with my notes from a run a few months ago. The LCN/frequency pairing is consistent with what's already on the wiki, but the other 6 are inactive.

  • 01 - 470.2375
  • 05 - 470.2625
  • 13 - 472.9125
  • 17 - 472.3625

Active talkgroups today below. Note that they're all 0-01-xxx:

  • 0-01-022: Picking up parts for a job... Not sure.
  • 0-01-028: Tow trucks. Very active. (Truck numbers given are numbers in the 70's, e.g, 75 and 72, if that helps with an ID.) Seems to be concentrated in the Waltham/Watertown area. Seem to work with MSP often; a number of references to precincts. "17" and "7W" as locations come up a lot, too, but I'm not familiar enough with the area to get those references. Doesn't seem like I-95 or Pike exits.
  • 0-01-032: Sounds like school buses; referenced some people who weren't on bus and picking up "a monitor." Very active.
  • 0-01-035: Not very active, and what I did hear was in Spanish. (On a previous run this summer it sounded like they were maybe a loam/gravel company?) Not sure on this one.
  • 0-01-036: This used to be very active and was also a tow company. Today I only got a few hits, which were short and didn't really help me confirm if it's even still a tow company.
  • 0-01-069: Needs ID but in use. Street names given seem to be in Waltham.
  • 0-01-071: Needs ID but in use.
  • 0-01-076: Locksmith. Referenced various hardware and making keys. Medford, Woburn, Chelsea addresses. "Van Base" is the dispatcher.
  • 0-01-090: Needs ID but in use.
  • 0-01-132: Sounds like they were maybe cleaning up snow with a front-end loader? Sounded like some sort of construction in the summer.
  • 0-01-155: Previously ID'ed as Armstrong ALS, appears correct. Very active.
  • 0-01-156: Previously ID'ed as Armstrong BLS, appears correct. Very active.
  • 0-01-157: Previously ID'ed as Armstrong chair cars, also appears correct. Very active.
  • 0-01-158: Only a couple transmissions; profanity about a guy moving snow. Previously ID'ed as some sort of snow plows, so seems accurate.

Don't feel obligated to list every poorly-described talkgroup in my list on the wiki. Just figured I'd describe what I heard.

BTW: The existing wiki page has an entry for x-09-159. I got several 0-09-xxx hits some time ago, before realizing that they were all scratchy and seemed to be in the North Shore area. Nothing this time, though. I suspect there may be a Dispatch system in Georgetown; many of the frequencies are licensed to multiple sites so it wouldn't be too surprising if one of them was in use in Georgetown but not Waltham. I don't know what frequency the x-09-xxx hits were on, though. But I have a hunch 0-09-159 wasn't on the Waltham system. I'm going to pursue some non-radio hobbies this weekend, though, so no more business LTR updates from me for a bit.