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by Wqwy879
18 Sep 2019 17:07
Forum: Southeastern Massachusetts
Topic: Scituate,Ma
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Re: Scituate,Ma

Scituate PD has recently switched to P25. 482.5875 NAC 545.
by Wqwy879
23 Aug 2019 20:34
Forum: Southeastern Massachusetts
Topic: Barnstable PD
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Re: Barnstable PD

As of tonight 830pm Barnstable PD looks like they are Back on Conventional 855.2125 DPL:445
by Wqwy879
24 Jul 2019 14:21
Forum: Southeastern Massachusetts
Topic: New Somerset PD Freq.
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Re: New Somerset PD Freq.

chiefj wrote:
24 Jul 2019 12:13
Thank you. Fire is already off the T-Band, so no need to change there if they go digital.
Somerset Fire is on T-Band. 483.0000 PL 203.5 Thought T-Band ran from 470-512mhz.
by Wqwy879
26 Apr 2019 03:26
Forum: Completed Submissions
Topic: Bridgewater Mass PD
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Bridgewater Mass PD

MA|Plymouth County| Bridgewater Police Dispatch| 484.7875| NAC 270| (Clear) transmissions.
by Wqwy879
14 Apr 2019 13:24
Forum: Rhode Island
Topic: RI VHF Intercity frequencies
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Re: RI VHF Intercity frequencies

I hear both Police and Fire Inter cities quite often. They are patched into the RISCON system. I'd still keep them plugged into the scanner as they are still used. Rhode Island Fire Intercity conducts daily tests on 154.280. Some stations sound digital. Others are analog. Depending which frequency o...
by Wqwy879
14 Apr 2019 13:20
Forum: New England MILCOM
Topic: Army Week - Boston
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Re: Army Week - Boston

I've been hearing lots of comms on 149.325 out of Joint Base Cape Cod this weekend.
by Wqwy879
31 Mar 2019 16:59
Forum: Eastern Massachusetts
Topic: Looking for Children’s Hospital Security in Boston
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Re: Looking for Children’s Hospital Security in Boston

2 frequencies listed here in the Wiki Page. 1. 855.0875 Pl 141.3 2. 151.985 DMR. Try the DMR one since you think they have DMR Radios. It would be great if you can update us if you can confirm what they use. P...
by Wqwy879
25 Mar 2019 00:30
Forum: Live Scanner Feeds
Topic: Live County Fire Comms using Zello
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Re: Live County Fire Comms using Zello

New Bedford Police.
Plymouth County Control.
Plymouth County Scanner
BFD 5 (BFD is all Boston Fire)
Attleboro,Ma area Fire scanner
Taunton, Ma area police and Fire

This is what I have in my channel list. Worcester Fire Had one but haven't heard it in use lately.
by Wqwy879
24 Mar 2019 16:40
Forum: New England MILCOM
Topic: EAMs on 311.000 (AM)
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EAMs on 311.000 (AM)

Yesterday evening around 730 8pm I was hearing some messages being transmitted. I kept hearing call sign Goal Post. I was getting the signal about 3 bars. I was getting this with just a stock antenna.
by Wqwy879
22 Mar 2019 07:24
Forum: Cape Cod and The Islands
Topic: New Cape Police Intercity on Cape Zone 4 system.
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New Cape Police Intercity on Cape Zone 4 system.

On Talkgroup 38800 there is the new Cape Cod Police Intercity. The Barnstable County Sheriff's Office runs the Mutual Aid Network. They do a Daily Roll Call at 10am everyday. All the towns reply when they are called. Mema, Msp Yarmouth, Msp Bourne, Msp Middleboro, and Dukes County Sheriff is also on...
by Wqwy879
18 Mar 2019 17:10
Forum: Southeastern Massachusetts
Topic: School Busses
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Re: School Busses

Amaral School Buses operate on 463.225. I believe they use the CT code of 103.5