Logs, 22 Mar

A forum for the discussion of what area SWL'ers (Shortwave Listeners) are listening to in the longwave, medium wave, and shortwave (in other words, 30 MHz and below) spectrums.
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Logs, 22 Mar

#1 Post by marylander » 23 Mar 2017 10:21

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden),FN (Finland), NH (New Hampshire), OH (Ohio),ID (Idaho), WA (Washington), FL (Florida), TX (Texas), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA (Japan)

06727.0 2357Z Unid (O/M Japanese/EE) USB w/acft Papa-66 (accented EE) reporting over Nagoya at 2355Z at FL160 & ops normal. (JA)

08806.0 0007Z Y/L (Chinese) USB w/broadcast. Sounds like volmet/maritime wx. (JA)

08761.0 0011Z O/M (Japanese) USB w/broadcast. Prob martime wx. (JA)

08828.0 0012Z Tokyo (Y/L English) USB w/volmet. (JA)

06847.5 0122Z Shoka-33 (O/M Russian) USB calling Otsom-25, Yeder-52, Drel'-29 w/no response. (JA)

06679.0 0050Z Auckland USB w/volmet. (NZ)

11175.0 0111Z Diego USB w/test count. (NZ)

04700.0 0128Z Halifax Military USB w/Rescue 344 (CC-130H #130344 8th Wing CFB Trenton ON--not heard) advising the RCC has no trfc & secondary freq is 3047. (TW)

11175.0 0156Z Space Ace USB w/EAM ZYD7VV (65 chars). (NH)

06727.0 0205Z ???-511 (accented EE) USB reporting passing Delta at 0210 at FL160 & ops normal. (JA)

17904.0 0236Z San Francisco USB w/CG 1707 (HC-130H7 #1707 CGAS Barbers Point HI) cleared to Wake Airport. (JA)

11175.0 1057Z Space Ace USB w/EAM ZY7QL7 (65 chars). (SW)

11360.0 1122Z Korsar (Russian Air Force 334th Air Transport Regiment, 6985th Air Base, Pskov) USB w/78837 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting depature from Kanatnij (Russian AB, Ivanovo-North) w/57 tons fuel. Next is Kedr (Russian AB,Bryansk).(SW)

11360.0 1136Z Korsar USB w/78810 (IL-76MD) reporting departure from Raspiska (Russian AB Mozdok) at 1410 MSK w/37 tons fuel. Next is Ckhalovskij. (SW)

11360.0 1200Z Korsar USB w/76768 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting landing at Raspiska at 1505 MSK w/20 tons fuel. (SW)

11360.0 1230Z Korsar USB w/74291 (unid--not heard) reporting departure from (missed) at 1513 MSK w/19 tons fuel. Next is ?Katrine?. (SW)

11360.0 1235Z Acft 76773 (IL-76MD) USB calling Korsar & Davlenie (Russian Air Force 708th Air Transport Regiment, 6958th Air Base, Taganrog) w/no response. (SW)

11360.0 1313Z Polis (Russian Air Force 117th Air Transport Regiment, 6956th Air Base, Orenburg) USB w/78757 (IL-76MD) reporting departure from (missed) at 1600 MSK & ETA Kedr 1730 MSK. (SW)

14396.5 1538Z NCS012 (NCS) USB w/SHARES Weekly Net check-ins: AFA6EA, AFA0TM, NCS312, KNY78 (FL), NF91MR (MI), WAF7LR, NCS702 (TN), AFA0RB (WA). (OH/ID)

06676.0 1812Z Bangkok USB w/volmet. (JA)

11175.0 1938Z Space Ace USB w/EAM IHNDRY (30 chars). (ID)
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