HF Logs, 24 Mar

A forum for the discussion of what area SWL'ers (Shortwave Listeners) are listening to in the longwave, medium wave, and shortwave (in other words, 30 MHz and below) spectrums.
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HF Logs, 24 Mar

#1 Post by marylander » 24 Mar 2017 18:05

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden),FN (Finland), NH (New Hampshire), OH (Ohio), ID (Idaho), WA (Washington), FL (Florida), TX (Texas), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA (Japan)

11175.0 1536Z Rummy 92 (prob KC-135T # 58-0086 6th AMW/927th ARW/MacDill AFB FL)& Rummy 91 (KC-135R # 63-8872 ME ANG 101st ARW/132nd ARS Bangor ME) USB in R/Cs. Rummy 92 advises he is switching back--then out. (ID)

11190.0 1553Z Echo USB R/Cs w/Kilo. Prob US Navy acty. (ID)

11282.0 1653Z San Francisco USB w/Ruler 67 (C-17A # 03-3116 MS ANG 172nd AW/183rd AS Jackson MS) w/position report.

11282.0 1655Z San Francisco USB w/Convoy 3402 (US Navy C-130T) w/position report.(ID)

11282.0 1715Z San Francisco USB w/Tora 62 (KC-135R # 57-1488 6th AMW/927th ARW/MacDill AFB FL) w/position report. (ID)

11282.0 1729Z San Francisco USB w/Hoku 16 (KC-135R # 60-0329 203rd ARS HI ANG Joint Base Hickam-Pearl Harbor AFB HI) w/position report & selcal check (JS-AM). (ID)

11282.0 1730Z San Francisco USB w/Convoy 4722 (US Navy C-40 #166695 USNR VR-56 NAS Oceana VA) w/position report & selcal check (BS-ER). Convoy 4722 departed Honolulu enroute to NAS Whidbey Island WA. (ID)

11175.0 1748Z Offutt USB w/Nighthawk 7 (VC-22/VC-60 HMX-1 MCAF Quantico VA) w/request for pp tp
202-814-8870. No joy on first number so try 571-594-4874. Nothing else heard. (ID)

11175.0 1750Z Reach 136 (C-17A # 00-0175 AETC 97AMW/58AS Altus AFB OK) USB calling Mainsail.
Answered by Offutt. (ID)

11282.0 1804Z San Francisco Navy BH404 (KC-130T # 163023 USMCR VMGR-234 JRB Ft Worth TX). BH404 departed NAS Point Mugu CA enroute to Joint Base Hickam-Pearl Harbor HI. (ID)

11282.0 1805Z San Francisco USB w/Rummy 91 who advises that are w/Jess 41-44 and Rummy 92 is w/Jess 45-47. At 1812Z updates San Francisco that Rummy 91 taking Jess 41-44 (F-15Cs 144th FW CA ANG Fresno/Yosemite Airport CA) on planned flt route and that Rummy 92 is RTB. Jess 45-47 will drop back and join up with Rummy 01 & 02 and their escorting flt who are 30 mins behind Rummy 91 flt. (ID)

11282.0 1810Z San Francisco USB w/Bats 81 (KC-135R # 57-2606 IA ANG 185ARW/174ARS Sioux City IA). (ID)

11282.0 1830Z San Francisco USB w/Rummy 02 (KC-135R # 58-0061 22nd ARW McConnell AFB KS) w/selcal check (KQ-ES). At 1845Z advises that they are at FL260 in trail of Rummy 91 & request to depart ALTRV & join planned flt route. Will advise when request for FL400.(ID)

11282.0 1848Z San Francisco USB w/Mover 57 (KC10, 305th AMW Joint Base-McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst NJ). (ID)

11175.0 1900Z Free Hand USB w/?Reset 3? (very weak) who advises they are trying to reach Clear
Cold. (ID)

11282.0 1904Z San Francisco USB w/Roler 01 (callsign spelled--C-130H 192nd AS, Nevada ANG,
Reno/Tahoe NV) advises departed Vandenberg AFB CA enroute to MCAS Kanaohe Bay HI. (ID)

11175.0 1932Z Offutt USB R/Cs w/Adobe 41 (prob KC-135T # 60-0357 22nd ARW McConnell AFB KS). (ID)

11282.0 1950Z San Francisco USB w/Reach 275 (C-17A # 03-3124 437th AMW Charleston AFB SC). (ID)

11282.0 1956Z San Francisco USB w/Reach 074 (KC-10A) w/selcal check (GS-KM). (ID).
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