HF Logs, 12 May

A forum for the discussion of what area SWL'ers (Shortwave Listeners) are listening to in the longwave, medium wave, and shortwave (in other words, 30 MHz and below) spectrums.
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HF Logs, 12 May

#1 Post by marylander » 12 May 2017 18:33

Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden),FN (Finland), NH (New Hampshire), OH

(Ohio),ID (Idaho), FL (Florida), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA (Japan), CN (Edmonton Alberta), AZ

(Arizona), HI (Hawaii).

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

0849.0 0107Z Chinara (Russian Pacific Fleet Naval Base, Strelok) USB R/Cs w/ Kampanyeriy (unid).


08439.0 0113Z Greyder (Russian Pacific Fleet HQs, Vladivostok) USB w/Zhomka (unid) passing msg: "366

the first time & 377 the second time". (JA)

08439.0 0122Z Greyder USB R/Cs w/YURIST (Russian Pacific Fleet Naval Base, Vladivostok), Bolshoy

(unid), Beriol (unid), Bashnik (unid), Vilniy (unid) (JA)

11360.0 1010Z Korsar (Russian Air Force 334th Air Transport Regiment, 6985th Air Base, Pskov) USB

w/76577 (IL-76MD-not heard) reporting depature from Bunchuk (Russian AB Voronezh-Pridacha) w/30 tons

fuel & 130 pax next is Dorozhnij (Russian AB Rostov-na-Donu) at 1415 MSK. (SW)

11175.0 1409Z Truck Bed USB w/EAM EA4NAV (30 chars). (NH)

11232.0 1416Z Trenton Military USB w/Canforce 2571 (CC-130J # 130612 8th Wing CFB Trenton)

reporting departure from CFB Trenton at 1330Z & ETA Cold ?Bank? 2000Z. Selcal check (GH-DL). At 1537Z

CFC 2571 reports "ops normal" & Trenton advises no trfc for them.(NH)

11232.0 1531Z Trenton Military USB calling Bombadier 17 w/no response. (CN)

11175.0 1536Z Truck Bed USB w/EAM EANAOL (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 1538Z Park Lane (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Truck Bed w/no response. (CN)

11175.0 1540Z Truck Bed USB w/EAM EACX2P (30 chars). (CN)

11232.0 1542Z Trenton Military USB w/Bombadier 17 (prob BD-700-1A11 Global 5000 C-GLRM) w/selcal

check (MS-HJ). (CN)

11175.0 1546Z Truck Bed USB w/EAM EAH2Q6 (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 1856Z ?Peak White? (sounds like--TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Mainsail. Answered by Raymond 12

& Truck Bed. (CN)

11232.0 1914Z Trenton Military USB w/Sentry 60 (E-3CF #76-1606 552ACW Tinker AFB OK) w/pp to

Raymond 24. PP did not go through & Sentry 60 terminates pp. NOTE: At this time ADS-B shows Sentry 60

over eastern Colorado heading southeast. (CN)

11209.5 1930Z Habitat (TOCC NAS Whidbey Island WA) USB cslling any station w/no response. (CN)

11271.0 1933Z Rescue 337 (CC-130H # 130337 435th Transport & Rescue Sqdn CFB Winnepeg) USB calling

Trenton Military w/no response. (CN)

11232.0 2020Z Trenton Military USB w/Canforce 4466 (prob CC-144) w/request for wx at Goose Bay

Labrador & Stephenville Newfoundland. (CN)
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