Hf Logs, 24 Jul

A forum for the discussion of what area SWL'ers (Shortwave Listeners) are listening to in the longwave, medium wave, and shortwave (in other words, 30 MHz and below) spectrums.
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Hf Logs, 24 Jul

#1 Post by marylander » 24 Jul 2017 22:39

Logs are from KiwiSDR in Alberta Canada

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

11175.0 1648Z Mill Pond USB w/EAM C6A4OI (30 chars).

11175.0 1700Z Mail Call (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/EAM C6RIKK (30 chars). Repeats again at 1304Z riding over Mill Pond. Then repeats C6A4QI.

11175.0 1704Z Mill Pond USB w/EAM C6RIKK.

11175.0 1744Z Mill Pond USB w/EAM C6R?B?JS (24 chars).

11232.0 1815Z Trenton Military USB w/Atlas 339 (CC-130H #130339 435th Rescue/Transport Sqdn 17th Wing CFB Winnepeg) w/selcal check (FM-GL). Atlas 339 advises they are enroute from Winnepeg to Kenora and will be operating in area of Kenora. Trenton advises RCC has no trfc for them and that back-up freq is 9007.0. At 2000Z Atlas 339 requests and trfc from RCC. Trenton advises no trfc from RCC and cleared to deploy jumpers.

11175.0 1824Z Geometric (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/Mill Pond w/authentication procedures to enter net.

11175.0 1828Z Last Man USB calling Mainsail. Asnwered by Mail Call.

11226.0 1835Z Reach 525 (C-17A # 92-3294 62nd AW Joint Base Ft Lewis-McChord WA) USB w/Offutt. Clear voice after ALE handshake. Reach 525 advises they are conducting training and just wanted to test the ALE system.

11196.0 2018Z CG 1711 (USCG HC-130H #1711 CGAS Kodiak AK) USB advising ComSta Kodiak they are standing by on ALE.

11175.0 2024Z Andrews USB w/Reach 978 (C-5M # 87-0028 60th AMW/22ns AS Travis AFB CA--not heard).
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