Nxdn 464.3875

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Nxdn 464.3875

#1 Post by disp617 » 03 Jan 2018 15:38

Receiving a NXDN system on 464.3875 in the Worcester area. Only logical license I could find is this http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSear ... ey=3164859

I do not know enough about NXDN systems to decipher it. DSD shows Ran 5 and only getting radio ids so i'm not sure if this is a conventional system. I only seem to hear school buses on it.

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#2 Post by garys » 03 Jan 2018 16:01

That is more than likely to be part of this system, although I'm not sure what you are seeing Ran5. The control channel I'm monitoring right now is 463.9875, but I haven't seen much activity. It's possible that there is another site, but information is sketchy on some of these newer systems. Are you seeing a Channel number in the DSD+ information?

I'm a bit on the fringe for Framingham. Brimstone lane is Nobscott Hill on the Sudbury/Framingham line, site of a big tower.

You might want to try that 463.9875 frequency and see what activity you find.

I did a search on the FCC site and found some frequencies licensed to Quimby for Parker Hill Ave in Boston. I'm getting activity on 462.06875, RAN 5. DSD+ shows it as a conventional NXDN traffic and it appears to be a special needs school van service in Lynn and vacinity. Mention of the Washington School and Western Ave, both of which are in Lynn.
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Re: Nxdn 464.3875

#3 Post by franciedog » 23 Feb 2019 23:48

464.3875 is a conventional NXDN repeater on Nobscott Hill in Sudbury used by NRT Transportation buses for Hudson & Marlboro Public Schools. The RAN (Radio Access Number which is similar to a PL tone in an analog system) is 5.

NRT Transportation uses 463.5875 for the Northboro & Southboro Public Schools with a RAN of 5.

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