Douglas Fire VHF

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Douglas Fire VHF

#1 Post by sawyer100 » 08 Aug 2018 18:09


Just like I predicted, someday the leftover towns on lowband finally got it together to leave low band and get a real radio system (i.e. VHF repeater).

Douglas, Town of - Fire Dept.

pending level II - in the FCC:
154.7475 Repeater (same location, a monopole cell tower, as their current 33.960 FB & 460.2125 low-powered rptr)

as far as Fire District 7 (southern Worc Cnty) goes, fire depts don't use UHF, they are low band or VHF.

Unsure when they switch will be made. As of today, still nothing on the 154.3625 Northbridge Fire VHF rptr.

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Re: Douglas Fire VHF

#2 Post by KB1FJR » 18 Aug 2018 21:22

I heard some chatting on Northbridge Fire 154.3625R with a pl of 151.4 a few months back.


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