New mobile setup

Here's the place to post pictures of your monitoring post. Your photos of home setups, mobile setups, and antenna arrays are welcome to be posted. Max pic size: 640 x 480. Read the sticky for detailed guidelines.
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New mobile setup

#1 Post by Mark SNE Moderator » 09 Jun 2013 19:25

Nothing extravagant, but a change of pace. The newer Uniden scanners, with the swivel style knob on the back, always presented a challenge for mobile mounting in my Toyota Yaris. The standard style belt clips on Radio Shack and GRE scanners just worked better with my setup. For a long time I used a V slot clip on the Pro Clip mount in my car and this worked superb.

The Uniden BC346XT and BCD396XT scanners were recently on sale at Radio Shack, and I wanted to give one more try for mounting one of these in my car. I ended up with a 346XT and a simple mic clip bought at Radio Shack for $3.99. Here are 2 pictures of the setup for now. The scanner does swivel a bit but stays firmly in the mic clip and takes a bit to actually remove it, so I think this will be the mobile setup for now.

I also must say I am very impressed with the 346XT. Although it's connected to an amplified speaker in my car, on its own it produces some strong, clear, and crisp audio. Simply put, this works for me.


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#2 Post by Scott » 09 Jun 2013 19:34

Nothing wrong with neat and compact. Looks good from here!

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#3 Post by chiefj » 10 Jun 2013 09:32

Nice neat setup. I like it.
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#4 Post by KB1FJR » 10 Jun 2013 15:24

It's always tough to mount a scanner in newer cars. I am one car above in size I drive a corolla. My BCD-996XT is in the back seat. I was lucky in the old neon to mount it between the seats. I wish uniden would come out with a satellite radio size remote head.

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