Office monitoring point

Here's the place to post pictures of your monitoring post. Your photos of home setups, mobile setups, and antenna arrays are welcome to be posted. Max pic size: 640 x 480. Read the sticky for detailed guidelines.
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Office monitoring point

#1 Post by W1KNE » 30 Mar 2017 19:18

Almost have a scanner in every room... For now this is my primary DXing/monitoring port.


Left hand is my "local only" , old retired BC785D. I fully refurbished it, cleaned it, etc. It will eventually be connected to a better antenna. For now it's just a small short 'tenna on the back. Right is my 536HP w/ DMR/ProVoice upgrades for DXing, and Frequency IDing. Connected to my semi broken ST scanner antenna. Jeff (N1ZZN) and I are going to connect it to the new OmniX antenna this spring. (About 20 feet higher than the current antenna.)
Above it (Silver bottom) is my Boston Acoustics Receptor for HD/FM DXing. Not seen here is my DX440 for AM/LW DXing.
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