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Posting Guidelines

Posted: 25 Jun 2006 11:15
by Scott SNE Webmaster
Please take a moment to read this post and follow its instructions.

1. Pictures will be of home, mobile, or antenna setups ONLY.

2. Maximum picture size is 640 x 480. Anything bigger will be removed.

3. DO NOT link to an external website that doesn't belong to you if you are posting remote pictures.

4. To attach a photo use the "Manage Attachments" button under the Additional Options section of Post New Thread.

5. Attach a MAXIMUM of 5 pics to your thread.

6. If you are linking to an external site that is yours or contains your pictures, enclose your pictures in IMG code. You can post a maximum of 10 pictures using this method. They still should ideally be 640 X 480 although larger will work but cause slower page loads.

If you have any questions, PM the webmaster or a moderator PRIOR to posting to avoid any issues.

As always only registered members may post.