City of Westbrook

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City of Westbrook

#1 Post by schwab » 08 Nov 2019 10:44

Westbrook PD is back to using analog NFM on 155.130; however with a 186.2 tone, not the 173.8 they used before switching to DMR. I did monitor Westbrook Fire in DMR mode; 154.370, Color Code 4, Slot 1, Talkgroup 4500.

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Re: City of Westbrook

#2 Post by Kirby207 » 15 Feb 2020 14:39

Annnd now .130 is digital, 154.700 seems to be a FM repeat - I don't own a DMR radio but I know what DMR sounds like, and both .130 and .700 are both always simultaneously active now., been listening for a few days now and it's been like this.
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