TFR Alert Zone for POTUS Vineyard visit

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TFR Alert Zone for POTUS Vineyard visit

#1 Post by SteveANE » 08 Aug 2013 02:11

I've created the necessary things to 'monitor' the TFR area around the Vineyard with PlanePlotter while POTUS is in town. I'm sure there will be plenty of calls on 121.5 from the USAF to pilots who inadvertently wander into the area. This is for the 30 mile ring, 0-18,000'. Local traffic will only be allowed if it's arriving to or departing from airports within the ring, as long as they are squawking a discrete code (i.e., not 1200), are on an approved VFR or IFR flight plan, and are in contact with ATC.

Here's how to set it up:

Download the zone file here (you'll probably need to right click/save as):

Load the alert zone: Options > Alert > Alert Zone > Load

Change your alert condex so the alerts only happen for the affected altitudes (0-18000): Options > Conditional Expressions > Alert Conditional Expression > set value to: altitude less than or equal to 18000 and in zone equal to 1

If you're already using an alert condex, you can add this to the end: or (altitude less than or equal to 18000 and in zone equal to 1)

If you're getting alerts for aircraft 'above' the zone, make sure the alert checkboxes under the chart options are unchecked.
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