Basic police scanner app with rtl-sdr?

Discussion of SDR's and their use in the Scan New England listening area.
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Basic police scanner app with rtl-sdr?

#1 Post by n1zyy » 18 Oct 2018 21:56

OK, here's what's probably a dumb question, but I can't find an answer.

Is there a simple "police scanner" app (preferably for Linux) that can scan through a handful of designated frequencies (e.g., Boston PD Ch. 2, Boston FD main, and Boston EMS), with PL/DCS support?

I played with rtl_fm years ago when it was new, and it supports scanning through a list of frequencies, but doesn't seem to support PL/DCS filtering. I've played with SDR# and similar apps in the past, but, though very powerful, they seem oriented to monitoring a single frequency or exploring a spectrum view, not scanning a small list of predefined frequencies.

Am I overlooking something obvious, or is there no such thing?

(Background: I have an office in a Boston skyscraper, but live a good bit north of the city, where these signals are generally pretty weak. I'd like to be able to monitor remotely. I happen to be interested only in a small set of analog frequencies.)
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