CT > New Haven Cnty

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CT > New Haven Cnty

#1 Post by jrm3607 » 27 Mar 2018 17:07

Fire Dept Reconfirmations
Branford FD1 453.4125R D132 Dispatch Analog
Branford FD2 453.4500R N123 Operations P25
East Haven FD1 453.5625R 203.5 Dispatch/Operations
Hamden FD1 154.1600R 107.2 Dispatch
Milford FD1 154.3400R 100.0 Dispatch
NASHT 853.4125R D445 NASH Operations
North Branford 151.1900R 173.8 Dispatch
North Haven FD1 453.7750R D261 Dispatch
West Haven FD1 453.8000R D125 Dispatch
West Haven FD2 453.9250R 250.3 Tactical (This is not in the wiki)

Police Reconfirmations
East Haven PD1 453.2000 192.8 Primary Ops
Hamden PD1 460.0250 D025 Primary Ops
New Haven PD1 460.1000 110.9 NCIC/Tactical
New Haven PD2 460.4500 110.9 South Dispatch
New Haven PD3 460.5000 110.9 Noth Dispatch
North Haven PD1 460.3625 D114 Primary Ops
West Haven PD1 460.2750 N200 Primary Ops (Encrypted)

EMS Agencies
AMR New Haven 453.0250 D115 Dispatch
AMR New Haven has up graded to UHF and longer uses any of the lowband channels.

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Re: CT > New Haven Cnty

#2 Post by ecps92 » 01 Aug 2018 06:15

Wiki's updated - sorry for the 5 month delay
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