Dept. of Fire Services Talkgroups

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Dept. of Fire Services Talkgroups

#1 Post by mjd553 » 07 Jun 2018 22:12

Massachusetts State Police - Main Page
I don't know why these are missing so here goes.
TGID Description Use
39952 DFS-East Department of Fire Services East (Fire Marshall)
40048 DFS-West Department of Fire Services West (Fire Marshall)

I also hear 39952 called Haz-Mat East and 40048 called Haz-Mat West but the designations above are the correct ones.

I have not heard anything on 34492 FM-East, 35024 FM-South, 35088 FM-Central, and 35120 FM-West for a long time.

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Zone 8 on state TRS

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Re: Dept. of Fire Services Talkgroups

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