Vermont Reconfirmtions & One Change

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Vermont Reconfirmtions & One Change

#1 Post by MASSBUSMARK » 04 Sep 2018 22:33

Was in the Burlington VT area for the long weekend, had some time to check & reconfirm some stuff in the Burlington area, plus 2 changes to existing entries. All confirmed/found on 9/1/18
Chittenden County Fire/EMS: PL change for St. Michael's College Fire EMS. Still 453.200, now D-243.
Also, University of Vermont Rescue/EMS now on 463.675 D-311

Chittenden County Fire Reconfirmations:
Burlington Fire 460.625 D-134
Winooski Fire 453.4375 D-074
Williston Fire 151.3175 D-065
Charlotte Fire 154.325 PL 136.5
South Burlington Fire 453.675 D-612
Milton Fire 154.995 D-612

Chittenden County EMS Reconfirmations:
Essex Rescue/EMS 155.205 PL 162.2
Colchester EMS 155.055 PL 162.2

Grand Isle County Fire:
Alburgh Fire 154.190 PL 100.0


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Re: Vermont Reconfirmtions & One Change

#2 Post by ecps92 » 10 Oct 2018 12:20

Wiki's updated - thanks for the Much Needed updates in VT