American Airlines Logan Airport Capacity Plus

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American Airlines Logan Airport Capacity Plus

#1 Post by OceanNora » 06 Sep 2018 14:31

American Airlines has been operating a Capacity Plus system at Logan Airport under license WPRG409. The frequencies have a color code of 7 and LCNs are as follows:

452.6875 - LCN 1
452.6625 - LCN 2
452.6375 - LCN 3

The bad news is that all talkgroups are encrypted. I do have a list of talkgroups that have popped up if there's any interest in them without any notation on their usage. Interestingly, during a recent trip to DC I found a nearly identical system in use by American at DCA.

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Re: American Airlines Logan Airport Capacity Plus

#2 Post by KB1FJR » 11 Sep 2018 17:05

Slightly off Topic: American Airlines is also coming to Worcester Airport.

Here is the license that was found in the Weekly FCC Grants: 464.725 (DMR) ... ey=4079952

Doesn't look like it is repeaterized either.

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