Business Systems In Maine

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Business Systems In Maine

#1 Post by MASSBUSMARK » 29 Aug 2019 22:57

I spent the past few days on vacation in Bar Harbor ME, found a lot of stuff searching on the scanners, plus reconfirmations for the wiki. Will send more additions and reconfirmations over the next few days as time allows.
WQWP251 Downeast Transportation Trenton 451.500 DMR Slot 1 Color 10 TG 100- Island Explorer Buses (Bar Harbor/Mt.Desert Island)
152.945 DMR Slot 1 Color 1 TG 7501- Bangor Community Connector fixed route buses.
451.750 DMR Slot 1 Color 1 TG 915- John T. Cyr & Sons Bangor School Buses.
451.600 PL 91.5 John T. Cyr & Sons Brewer, Bar Harbor & Trenton School Buses
WRDV842 Atlantic Eyrie Lodge Bar Harbor 151.985 PL 88.5 Simplex
WQSZ336 Harborside Hotel Bar Harbor 464.675 DPL 261 Repeater
WQEQ310 College Of The Atlantic Bar Harbor 451.975 DPL 263 Repeater, security and maintenance.
WQWB718 Atlantic Oceanside Hotel Bar Harbor 153.3125 PL 103.5 Simplex.


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Re: Business Systems In Maine

#2 Post by ecps92 » 18 Sep 2019 06:56

Excellent Update Mark - Northern New England is so under reported
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