Cape DMR and NXDN

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Cape DMR and NXDN

#1 Post by n1riw » 09 Jul 2018 13:53

Apologies if this is the wrong forum...I have just received my SDS100. I have purchased the DMR and NXDN upgrades. I have programed via Sentinel in the RDC 178 NXDN Yarmouth tower and have not received anything. Trying to run the Yarmouth stuff but also sat on the VHF16 simulcast with negative results. Does RR have the channel order wrong?
Signal strength is fine here, LCN finder is not finding anything.

I have also been trying to run DMR stuff that worked on the 436 I had-Eversource, CCRTA with negative results

Scanner Master confirmed the updates are in the radio.

Thank you for any assistance


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Re: Cape DMR and NXDN

#2 Post by jeffkett » 11 Jul 2018 22:51

Tim, I may be way off on this one as I am still tinkering with this DMR NXDN stuff.
I use the TRX-1 . For the So. Yarmouth info I have it as NXDN 4800. The LCN in their
program show as follow.....LCN 1 452.2125 LCN 2 452.650 LCN 3 461.200
LCN 4 461.4625 LCN 5 461.7625 LCN 6 451.7875


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Re: Cape DMR and NXDN

#3 Post by garys » 12 Jul 2018 15:47

I checked in both ARC536 and Sentinel and the Channel Numbering and RAN appear correct. As well as the frequencies, of course. I don't have a SDS100, so I can't help you other than that. I'd check the settings to make sure all is right. If it's anything like the x36Hp scanners, it take a bit of time and effort to get them set up.

Oh, if the SDS uses Service Types, check to make sure that the ones used are enabled on the scanner. I've made that mistake before with the x36HP. If the Service Types are not turned on, it will act just as you describe.

Also check that the Systems are enabled, as well as everything else.


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