Unknowns from two Monitoring Events

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Unknowns from two Monitoring Events

#1 Post by ecps92 » 01 Sep 2019 13:05

Monday 08/26 2p-4p
Burlington MA [Lahey area]

419.7625 D 136.5 – Image from 463 Med Channel
453.4875 R D743 – Telemetry
457.7625 S CSQ – DTMF likely Camera Operations
458.1625 S 146.2 – School or EMS Pac/RT – seemed to end around 3:30-4pm [school closure] – Not an image
458.7625 S D065 – School ? – Not an image
461.3250 R 118.8 - DTMF tones
461.4875 R D723
467.4875 S D271
467.8125 S 67.0 – either Burlington Mall or Wayside Commons
467.8125 S 82.5 – could have been the prev reported Bottle Return Co, heard from Somerville in the past.
467.9000 S D365 – either Burlington Mall or Wayside Commons

Friday 08/30 6a-8:30a
Waltham MA [5th Avenue] - and not interference/intermod until after 8:30am :)
Awesome VHF/UHF Band opening [Lift] as we had NH, Central MA and RI/CT with excellent results
380 TRS from Newport, 46x.xxxx Remote RX Sites in CT

151.1750 R D466 – Londonderry with an EMS Call [caught on the input]
151.5500 R 107.2 – not Fallon who uses 110.9
151.9550 S 74.4 – likely Walmart, signal was real strong – so not likely the Framingham Store, is there a Walmart Distribution Facility near ??
151.7300 ? 156.7
155.8950 R 97.4
158.4075 R D051 – Bus Co past notes indicated [2017] Hillsboro NH area
451.6750 R 118.8 – hidden behind the NGrid Passport LTR, which made listening to the audio impossible to determine the users.
453.4875 R D743 - Telemetry

Notes about Not being an image, were confirmed via using a different radio [Scanner – not same make/model, and/or Amateur Radio with extended RX]
All other known entities found were updated in the SNE Wiki’s
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Re: Unknowns from two Monitoring Events

#2 Post by franciedog » 12 Oct 2019 15:51

I can ID two unknowns:

453.4875 D743 is Tyngsboro Water Data (also 458.4875 D743)
461.8125 82.5 is Whole Foods Market in Burlington with automated voice for bottle returns (also heard in Sudbury & Shrewsbury)

I will check the other Burlington area frequencies when I am in the area.

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