Trinity EMS Lowell - 155.16

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Trinity EMS Lowell - 155.16

#1 Post by n1zyy » 11 Sep 2019 14:44

Not sure if this is actually of interest to anyone, but I noticed something interesting today.

We know Trinity EMS in Lowell (and surrounding towns) is on 155.16, D125. It's licensed (WPAF755) for multiple places, including Trinity's headquarters on Westford Street near Drum Hill, and on Christian Hill near the city water tower, where the town PD and FD repeaters are. It's a simplex frequency.

I just noticed something odd with toneouts, though. The actual tones go out substantially stronger (RF) than the attention tone or dispatch audio. (With RSSI display enabled, -55 dBm on the tones, -75 dBm on the attention tone and dispatcher's voice at my QTH. With an HT in my basement, this is the difference between DFQ for the tones and barely-audible dispatch audio.) I suspect what's happening is that the tones go out from Christian Hill, which is up nice and high, and then the dispatcher comes up transmitting from their HQ, which is further away from me and lower in elevation. Just seems a little weird.

Some units respond seemingly in simplex; others respond with sometimes-scratchy audio but a very strong signal. I am pretty sure their 5-Watt UHF repeater is patched into 155.16 on Christian Hill.

It all seems to work OK for them, but it makes for a strange monitoring experience sometimes.
Matt, N1ZYY ★ Lowell, MA

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