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(Grafton now Disp'd by Hanover - Unk Freq)
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|- align="center"
|Bristol||154.7850||S||N527||12-xx||DB: Franklin||
|Bristol||154.7850||S||N527||12-xx||DB: Franklin||
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|Bristol||154.3775||R||N417|| || ||2018.02.11 TheDoza79
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|- align="center"  
|Campton ||154.7550||R||N417||13-xx||DB: Plymouth||2017.11.02 TheDoza79
|Campton ||154.7550||R||N417||13-xx||DB: Plymouth||2017.11.02 TheDoza79

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Countywide Information

  • Plymouth Police Dispatch PD's in there area using P-25 Digital, an example of an ID would be Plymouth Police Cheif = 15-01 "Fifteen Oh One"
  • Grafton County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) also dispatches many of the town PD's in Grafton County. GCSO dispatches entirely APCO 25 Digital except for Lisbon Police Department. They still operate using Analog communications. GCSO repeater system can still be used in Analog mode in the event P25 problems.

Department Frequency Information

Department Frequency Type Tone Unit ID's Notes Confirmation/ReConfirmations
Alexandria 154.7700 R N117 Alexandria-xx DB: GCSO 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Ashland 154.7550 R N417 11-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Bath 154.7700 R N117 Bath-xx DB: GCSO 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Benton R Patroled by NHSP 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Bethlehem 158.8350 R N727 Bethlehem-xx DB: GCSO 2014.07.12 ecps92
Bethlehem 158.8350 R 179.9 Bethlehem-xx DB: GCSO 2014.07.12 ecps92
Bridgewater 154.7550 R N417 19-XX DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Bristol 154.7850 S N527 12-xx DB: Franklin
Bristol 154.3775 R N417 2018.02.11 TheDoza79
Campton 154.7550 R N417 13-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Canaan 155.7075 S 141.3 DB: Lebanon 2014.08.20 Alarmroom
Dorchester Patrolled by NHSP 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Easton R Patrolled by GCSO 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Ellsworth R Patrolled by NHSP 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Enfield 155.7075 S 156.7 DB: Lebanon 2014.08.20 Alarmroom
Franconia 154.7700 R N117 Franconia-xx DB: GCSO 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Grafton ?? ? ?? DB: Hanover 2017.12.28
Grafton 154.7700 R N117 Grafton-xx formerly DB: GCSO 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Groton 154.7700 R N117 DB: GCSO
Hanover 155.5950 S N517 DB:Self 2014.08.20 Alarmroom
Hanover 155.5950 S 141.3 DB: Self
Haverhill 155.0400 R N117 Haverhill-xx DB: GCSO
Hebron 154.7550 R N417 Hebron-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Holderness 154.7550 R N417 14-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Landaff R Patrolled by NHSP 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Lebanon 155.2500 R N517 DB: Self 2014.08.20 Alarmroom
Lincoln 155.1900 S N617 DB: Lincoln (Units P25) 2015.06.14 schwab
Lincoln 155.1900 S 146.2 DB: Lincoln (Disp Analog) 2015.06.14 schwab
Lisbon 154.9800 R 136.5 Lisbon-xx DB: GCSO
Littleton 155.3100 R N217 Littleton-xx DB: GCSO 2014.07.12 ecps92
Livermore NO PD
Lyman 152.6300 R N852 DB: State Police
Lyme 154.7700 R N117 219-X DB: GCSO
Monroe 154.7700 R N117 DB: GCSO
Orford 154.7700 R N117 700-X DB: GCSO
Orange 154.7700 R N117 DB: GCSO
Piermont 154.7700 R N117 800-X Part-Time (GCSO)
Plymouth 154.7550 R N417 Plymouth-XX DB: Plymouth 2017.10.16 TheDoza79
Plymouth State University (PSU) Police 154.7550 R N417 PSU-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.10.16 TheDoza79
Rumney 154.7700 R N117 Rumney-xx DB: GCSO
Sugar Hill 154.7700 R N117 Sugar Hill-xx DB: GCSO
Thornton 154.7700 R N117 Thornton-xx DB: GCSO
Warren 154.7550 R N417 Warren-xx DB: Plymouth 2017.11.02 TheDoza79
Waterville Valley 154.7700 R N117 38-X DB: GCSO
Wentworth 154.7700 R N117 Wentworth-xx DB: GCSO
Woodstock 154.7700 R N117 Woodstock-xx DB: GCSO 2015.06.14 ecps92