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Barnstable County Fair

This information is provided courtesy of and with thanks to Jeff Kettell (jeffkett).

Well its that time again. I made my yearly trip over to the fairgrounds to see whats going on frequency wise. One thing still amazes me is that their primary Security channel is shared with a cab company over on Martha's Vineyard. And now this year, they are co-shared with the "grounds" freq - although on a different PL.. You would think that with all the freqs out there- that they could get on something of their own??

AS usual adds, deletes, corrections welcome.

461.3125 D226 Security Ops

461.3125 118.8 Grounds- (equipment moving, fencing, electrician)

461.3125 CSQ Cabs- Martha's Vineyard

462.6125 250.3 Administration

462.6375 218.1 Parking lots

462.5625 CSQ Parking- Special on-site, Handicap

467.8750 UNK UNK- caught briefly while leaving- radio checks

170.2500 CSQ Clown goofing with kids (Wireless MIC)

151.7450 CSQ Amusements

151.9250 CSQ Amusements

151.6250 D131 Amusements=past years

154.6250 CSQ Amusements=past years

You will get lots of GMRS/FRS on site also- most of these are premised with the beeps and chirps as the people use them to track down other family members. Also Sunday night Fireworks show by Atlas Pyro out of New Hampshire-they just arrived as I was leaving-unknown if they use any radios--my guess would be yes!!