Getting a Tier 3 system working in a 325P2?

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Getting a Tier 3 system working in a 325P2?

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I'm trying to setup my 325 to work with with the Marcus DMR T3 system on site 1.4 in Avon. I have 3 systems configured now.
  • The first is conventional only and it shows me the frequency and color code and will decode audio with no issues.
  • The second is a DMR 1-frequency system. It shows me the talkgroup and radio IDs when it stops on the individual frequencies.
  • Finally, I also have a DMR/MotoTRBO system (after buying and configuring the DMR upgrade direct from Uniden). This one does absolutely nothing, ever.
I followed the instructions at the bottom of the DMR upgrade wiki to determine the LCNs from the LSNs showing up in DSD+ FastLane. Below is the system breakdown:

Code: Select all

LSN     Freq        LCN

223     451.3750    111

224     451.3750    111

347     452.1500    173

348     452.1500    173

459     452.8500    229

460     452.8500    229

2165    463.5125    1082

2166    463.5125    1082
463.5125 is the control channel for the site so I've put what it should be based on the other channels, and the other frequencies are what DSD+ shows, and has no problem tracking the voice channels on my PC.

I've also followed the instructions to use the higher slot number and divide by 2 (basically it just adds 1 to the LCNs above), and that doesn't track anything either.

I'm running firmware 1.08.01.

Has anyone had luck configuring a Tier 3 system on a P2 scanner?

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