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Scan Cape Cod wrote:Someone, I think it was Joe, wanted the quick reply box turned on.

It's on!
I did second the motion... I believe it was Greg that brought it up though. :nysux:

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Props to Greg!

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I just wanted to take a minute to say that I enjoy this website, even though I am kind of far away from most of you. I was, however, recently on the Cape and used the info on the trunked system there to program a bank in the scanner for while we were cruising around. The info here is excellent and up to date. Very nice for a traveller. I monitored the rescue of a gentleman who was stricken on a fishing boat off Provincetown. Interesting stuff! Anyway, just wanted to put in my 4 cents worth! (up from 2 due to increased fuel cost)

Charlie :pint: :)

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Hi Charlie,

Thanks very much for the kind comments. I'm glad the site was of benefit to you. Nice to have you aboard!
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