Uniden Custom Search issue, fix, and Thank You

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Uniden Custom Search issue, fix, and Thank You

Post by bfrederi »

I'm spending some time at home post-op, and exploring some BCD436HP features that I haven't used much until now.

In trying to track down a local bus service, I set up some Custom Search ranges throughout 460, 470, and 480 MHz.

460 worked as expected. 470 & 480 were completely dead, even though I could stop & tune manually to an active frequency and have it pop up. Drove me absolutely nuts for a while. I finally found the answer on RR, posted and self-solved by W1KNE two years ago: the UHF TV broadcast screen is set ON by default, and in this area we have a boatload of T-Band frequencies in use. I don't see the problem addressed here on scan-ne, so I am posting it here with a link and a great big Thank You :beer: to Mike :celtics: :

https://forums.radioreference.com/threa ... ue.356183/

I'm surprised this hasn't bitten more New England scanner listeners. (Or maybe I've just managed to miss the discussions.)

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Re: Uniden Custom Search issue, fix, and Thank You

Post by W1KNE »

Thanks for this post. I had the same issue on my SDS200 recently but couldn't figure it out. I just checked and it was on. Thanks for reminding me of my fix.

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