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Posted: 23 Jun 2020 21:06
by Scott
It just keeps on rolling. Nothing spectacular tonight from where I sit but not bad either. Thus far:

155.5950 CC4 Stow MA Police Operations
154.3625 151.4 Worcester County EMS
154.8450 156.7 Southampton NY Police
155.5350 131.8 Shirley MA Police
155.1900 N827 Goffstown NH Police
155.6850 103.5 Upton MA Police
154.8150 173.8 Acton MA Police
159.9125 CC2 CAP+ rest channel - no ideas on this one.

All NOAA weather frequencies are active. I'm listening to the Pack Monadnock station on 162.525 as shown in the pic attachment.
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Re: 6/23

Posted: 23 Jun 2020 21:56
by Scott
Few more. UHF not great for me tonight, so stuck with the VHF-HI band.

151.9175 CC3 DMR CAP+ system, Data Radio Management Boston MA
151.5275 CC0 DMR Con+ system, Bearcom/Comtronics Boston MA
151.5725 CC3 DMR CAP+ system, same Data Radio Management system as above
152.2125 RAN1 NXDN 48, site L65-1
152.3750 206.5 Alliance Det and Security Everett MA
152.4200 CC9 DMR Cap+ system, unknown
151.4000 N826 NH State Police Troop A