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7/29 DX

Posted: 29 Jul 2020 21:24
by Scott
Monitoring OneVoice 171-3 DMR TRS from Selden (Suffolk County Long Island) NY. CC is 477.8875 and strong here. Off hours but we'll see what we can here.

Some NYPD at 476 MHz in there as well, and VHF-HI bands are cranking. Just getting settled for an hour or so of DXing. I'm in the chat dungeon if anyone wants to join in on the fun.

Re: 7/29 DX

Posted: 29 Jul 2020 22:15
by Scott
Onevoice system has faded out. Got TG 304201 encrypted and 500860 which sounded like a tow company. Things seem to be possibly switching around to the north from here. A few to note:

476.5875 136.5, NYPD Manhattan
476.3875 151.4, NYPD Manhattan
476.6625 100.0, NYPD Bronx
470.7625 N263, Malden MA Police
157.1000 CSQ, USCG Sector Long Island Sound with marine information broadcast about sunken boat
Lots of metro Boston 470-472 MHz PD's
155.0700 N117, Cheshire County NH Sheriff