HF Logs, 31 Mar

Previously forum for the discussion of what area SWL'ers (Shortwave Listeners) are listening to in the longwave, medium wave, and shortwave (in other words, 30 MHz and below) spectrums. Discussions can be carried in the Scanning Miscellaneous or Ye Ole Bar and Grille forums.
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HF Logs, 31 Mar

#1 Post by marylander » 31 Mar 2017 18:37

Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden),FN (Finland), NH (New Hampshire), OH

(Ohio),ID (Idaho), WA (Washington), FL (Florida), TX (Texas), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA


((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

04517.0 1235Z 7DT (NCS) USB w/unid stn discussing net frequency procedures & Air Force training

material. Mention of 7PM & 7VP working on net frequencies. Check-ins: 7ZK, 7PQ. (KS)

04593.5 1319Z AFA5NF (NCS) USB w/net check-ins: AAR3FK,3AJ,123XT1. (OH)

08833.0 1402Z O/M (Spanish) USB w/O/M (Spanish). Contacts established by whistling. (TX)

08942.0 1432Z Singapore Radio USB w/various flts. (ID)

08903.0 1435Z Manila Radio USB w/various flts. (ID)

08992.0 1815Z Cognizant USB w/EAM NMOBTH (30 chars). (FL)

11175.0 1911Z Happy 62 (KC-135R # 64-14839 IL ANG 126ARW/108ARS Scott AFB IL) USB calling Mainsail.

Answered by Andrews. Happy 62 requests current trfc..Andrews responds last trfc was NMOBTH. (FL)

11175.0 1914Z Reach 881 (C-17A # 10-0220 62nd AMW McChord AFB WA) calling Mainsail & answered by

Andrews. Reach 881 requests pp..they QSY to 11220. (FL)

11220.0 1915Z Andrews USB w/Reach 881 w/pp to 253-984-2635. After several tries Reach 881 cancels

pp request. (FL)

11300.0 1952Z Mogadishu USB w/various flts. (NZ)

11342.0 2036Z ARINC New York USB w/Ascot 2741 (Voyager KC-2 ZZ343 RAF 10/101 Sqdn). Caught at

sign-off. (KS)
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