HF Logs, 6 Apr

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HF Logs, 6 Apr

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Logs are from WebSDRs: TW (Univ of Twente), SW (Sweden),FN (Finland), NH (New Hampshire), OH

(Ohio),ID (Idaho), WA (Washington), FL (Florida), TX (Texas), KS (Kansas), NZ (New Zealand), JA

(Japan), CN (Canada)

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

07615.0 1430Z Triblade 55 (NCS) USB w/check-ins for Triblade net: Triblade 20, Triblade 19, Big

Bend 2, Grey Sky 15, Wire Head 50, Red Dragon 99. Triblade 19 advises the net is holding trfc for

Abenaki & Long Trail in Net 1. At 1435Z they QSY to freq NRD (14902).(KS)

14902.0 1036Z Triblade 55 (NCS) UB w/continuation of net check-ins: Triblade 60, Charter Oak 12 Red

Dragon 99, Golden Rod 4, Yellow Plane 44, Billy Bear, Triblade 30. (KS & NH)

11175.0 1828Z West Coast USB calling "last caller on 11175.0" w/no response. Same voice comes back

and idents as Andrews "calling last caller", then reverts back to West Coast. (CN)

08992.0 1852Z Fish Boat (HF-GCS) USB w/Shut Out (TACAMO/ABCNP--weak) w/authentication procedures

for entry into net. (CN)

08992.0 1857Z Fish Boat USB w/EAM K63YY4 (30 chars). Repeats K63YY4 at 1905Z & 1909Z. (CN)

11282.0 1914Z San Francisco USB w/Cabal 81 (KC-135R # 63-8036 AZ ANG 161ARW/197ARS Phoenix AZ)

w/position report. Earlier ADS-B showed Cabal 81 going oceanic over Pacific heading west. (CN)

11175.0 1935Z Red River Maintenance USB w/Offutt they are seeing constant keying on their system

and asked Offutt if they were experiencing same--Offutt not having same problem. (CN)

11175.0 1940Z Navy YB 404 (EP-3E # 161404 VP-46 NAS Whidbey Island WA) USB calling Mainsail. (CN)

11175.0 1958Z Offutt USB R/Cs w/Reach 701 (prob C-17A 436th AMW/3rd AS Dover AFB DE). (CN)

11282.0 2022Z San Francisco USB w/Convoy 4343 (C-40A # 166694 VP-56 NAS Oceana VA) w/oceanic

clearance and selcal check (BP-GS). (CN)

11175.0 2030Z Fish Boat USB w/repeat of EAM K63YY4 (30 chars). Starts then " disregard this

transmission. (CN)

11175.0 2031Z Fish Boat USB w/EAM K6KOWJ (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 2034Z Fish Boat USB w/repeat of EAM K63YY4. Fish Boat "standing by for trfc." (CN)

11175.0 2038Z Assorted USB calling West Coast for R/C. (CN)

11220.0 2238Z Unid stn USB w/several ANDVT exchanges. (CN)

11175.0 2240Z Back Moth (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/EAM K6G4QI (30 chars). (CN)

11175.0 2354Z Fish Boat USB w/Back Moth in pp w/unid stn requesting configuration 7B. Unis stn

adivses they will meet Back Moth on the orderwire. (CN)

11175.0 2359Z Skull 43 (B-52H 2nd BW/20th BS, Barksdale AFB, LA) USB calling Mainsail. Answered by Andrews. (CN)
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