Plymouth Airshow

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Plymouth Airshow

#1 Post by joekay1 » 31 Jan 2020 14:42

Plymouth Airshow August 8,2020

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Re: Plymouth Airshow

#2 Post by sawyer100 » 04 Feb 2020 20:47

Plymouth Municipal Airport
122.7250 AM Municipal Airport: CTAF/UNICOM

2018 air show was awesome, plenty of excitement and great for kids.

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Re: Plymouth Airshow

#3 Post by joekay1 » 07 Feb 2020 11:38

I still hear Plymouth Unicom on 123.00. Below is article that was posted by the Plymouth Airport manager.

UNICOM/CTAF: Big Changes Coming - 123.00 moves to 122.725

We have an aeronautical publishing date of March 26, 2020 for the change of the Plymouth UNICOM/CTAF frequency from 123.0 to 122.725.

Yes this is a big change.

For several years we have had complaints about 123.0 frequency traffic due to the sharing of the frequency with so many local airports that it is often difficult to get a “word in edgewise” on 123.0.

So we applied and received approval for 122.725 MHz, one of the new UNICOM frequencies created by the FCC. With no nearby airports using 122.725 we should meet our goal of less channel congestion and enhanced safety.

The biggest challenge so far has been coordinating a frequency change with the FAA chart publication process. Right now we scheduled to have the “switch over” take place on March 26, 2020 to coincide with the next FAA chart update. We will be issuing NOTAMs when we are sure the update will take place. Then the real challenge will happen to get everyone on the same page/frequency . We will reach far and wide using Facebook, twitter, posters, emails, our internet site and any other way that we get the information out there (sky writing?). Seriously, your assistance spreading the word when the time comes will also be a big help.

We plan to monitor both 123.0 and 122.725 during the changeover and for quite awhile after.

-It is not final until we are sure the chart update takes place
-Check NOTAMs
-Ask on the frequency if in question
-It is not until March 26th 2020 (please don’t use 122.725 yet)
-Pilot control lighting will continue to be on 122.9 until the FAA updates their equipment
-When the change takes place be extra vigilant as everybody may not get the message
-Be safe

Tom Maher
Airport Manager

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