Dead (?) Bristol County frequencies

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Dead (?) Bristol County frequencies

Post by W1KNE »

While doing my scan across the bands tonight, and the WIKI. I believe the following are now safe to remove:

154.3850 (100.0) Attleboro Fire. Several tests, a call, etc tonight. This was dead.

482.3375 (203.5) Swansea PD. Ever since their switch to P25, this frequency has been pretty much dead.

Anyone have any reason why they should stay? (AKA they are *still* used?)
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Post by garys »

I'm pretty sure that the Swansea channel is dead. I thought at one time that might be going to Swansea EMS, but it didn't. If you heard nothing on the Attleboro frequency, that's probably safe to delete as well.
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Post by sawyer100 »

my knowledge:

Attleboro Fire: Last I saw they only had UHF radios now, VHF was removed years back.

Swansea Police: I was told the old radio system infrastructure was old & antiquated, per se. The new system is a new transmitter site, and has voting receivers in the same places as the old system. Somerset left the old system to move off on their own many years ago now, and Swansea was the only only one left on it. After that change, it was "no longer" the local mutual-aid radio system anymore.

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Post by chiefj »

Actually it was Swansea that left and moved the transmitter to a water tower in their town.

With Swansea no longer needing coverage from the Somerset water, which was on a ridge overlooking Swansea, it was moved back to atop of a high rise in Fall River. It was its original location years ago. FRPD, Fire and a lot more is on top too the same building.
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