Wareham PD Reception

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Wareham PD Reception

Post by Mark SNE Moderator »

I have 2 roof mounted antennas on my house, a Diamond dual band, and a Diamond Discone. Both work very well. I have never had any issues receiving Wareham PD from my location but the last few months reception has been horrific when monitoring them. Same can be said for Warehem EMS frequency. I monitor Onset Fire too, and have no issue with their frequency. My reception from surrounding towns is still very good, from Marion to Plymouth. I can also add in terrible reception of Carver PD, as I never had issues with them until a few months ago.

Has anyone outside of Wareham had any quality of reception problems from these frequencies?

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Re: Wareham PD Reception

Post by deacon »

Hi Mark,
After reading your post, I listened to Wareham PD, EMS and Carver PD. No issues from my location in Mashpee. I am using a tuned UHF Ringo Ranger II and a Diamond Discone. I have pre-amps on both antennas.


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