RDC Network 178 NXDN

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RDC Network 178 NXDN

#1 Post by n1riw » 11 Jul 2018 17:35

I have been trying to receive the RDC network 178 NXDN system on my new SDS100. The radio is upgraded to receive the format. I programmed in from RR the Yarmouth site and am running in ID search mode but have not heard anything at all. I ran LCN finder but it does not find anything. There is ample signal strength and I have heard data on another radio on 452.2125. Supposedly Yarmouth PD and FD are simulcast and YDNR use this system but have heard nothing. Any help appreciated.

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Re: RDC Network 178 NXDN

#2 Post by N1ZZN » 12 Jul 2018 20:35

I've been able to hear activity on the RDC NXDN system on my 536, just with the RR database, nothing that I've entered manually.
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