MSP P25 Phase II in Western Mass.

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MSP P25 Phase II in Western Mass.

#1 Post by mkl2209 » 24 Sep 2018 22:11

Is it possible to monitor the MSP Barracks in Russell, Lee and Cheshire- all on the P25 Phase-II- here in Central Mass. (Grafton)? The North and South Simulcast towers don't reach this far. The only live stream includes many other Western Mass. PD's.

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Re: MSP P25 Phase II in Western Mass.

#2 Post by cdgordon » 25 Sep 2018 10:10

There is not a simple yes or no answer as there are too many variables. If, however, you cannot receive one of the North or South Simulcast sites, you will not be able to consistently/reliably receive all the traffic on the talkgroups that serve the Western MA area. Affiliations, antenna type, antenna height, obstructions, local interference, receiver quality, weather, etc all can affect the reception. Or you can simply be too far away.
I am less than 10 miles from a site and cannot reliably hear them with a yagi and low loss coax. I have a cell site nearby, I have hills between me and the signal, MSP is using directional antennas away from me. 1/4 mile away, I can get it on a handheld with a rubber duck antenna.


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Re: MSP P25 Phase II in Western Mass.

#3 Post by jbella » 28 Sep 2018 20:31

In Gardner I occasionally get the Warwick tower. No real rhyme or reason (other than a cruiser needs to be in range).

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