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Dispatch Boston

#1 Post by n1zyy » 11 Oct 2018 19:17

OK, our conversation about the Georgetown site got me wondering what else is still on the air. I parked my scanner in Discovery mode on the Dispatch Boston site.

The following are still active and doing regular CW IDs:
02 - 463.4 (WQQV705)
04 - 462.3 (WQPI340)
06 - 464.25 (WQQV705)
08 - 462.5 (WQPI340)
10 - 461.275 (WQQV705)
12 - 463.6 (WQPI340)
14 - 462.05 (WQQV705)
18 - 463.9 (WQQV705)

Beyond the Morse IDs, I only got one talkgroup while letting Discovery run for several hours: 1-10-101, which sounds like some sort of bus company. I hear them referencing parking buses, and using the "backing up in the yard" phrase. There was a reference to being at McDevitt, though I'm not sure if it's the Waltham school or the NH truck company.

Was kind of expecting more activity. This has a really nice signal up here, while the old Waltham one seemingly moved to the same site is pretty weak. Kind of figured, especially with 8 repeaters on the air, they'd move users over.

Also licensed on those two callsigns, but seemingly not in the LTR rotation:
464.95 (WQQV705)
461.1 (WQPI340)
461.9 (WQPI340)

But, this is the interesting part for me. All of the WQPI340 frequencies are licensed for narrowband voice and 7K60FXE (DMR voice). All of the WQQV705 frequencies are licensed for 4K00F1E (NXDN voice). So if any of these are going to pop over to digital, we've got some interesting frequencies to watch.
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