SNHMC LTR system

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SNHMC LTR system

#1 Post by n1zyy » 04 Dec 2018 23:39

Since I apparently have a weird thing for trying to dig into trunked systems... ... Operations references SNHMC (Southern NH Medical Center) as having an LTR system. I spent a bit with it on the scanner.

The callsign would be WQJY476.

461.7875 is the only of the 3 frequencies on that license / the wiki that seems to be active. It shows as LCN 01.

Scanning much of the afternoon, the only activity that came up is talkgroup 0-01-001, which sounds like security, and they are running FleetSync on at least some of the radios. The signal is pretty weak down here.

I haven't listened to the two conventional frequencies on that page yet.
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