Weymouth Police Digital

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Weymouth Police Digital

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I heard lots of P25 Testing on Weymouth Police Channel 1 and Channel 2 today. NAC of 270 on both. They sound very crisp, clear and loud like the Marshfield Police. I only heard testing, no police activity on digital yet. Someone was talking about "force voting each site" and updating "link delay". What does that mean? I also heard them with encryption off and on. I also wonder if the Fire department will be going digital or just the police.

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Re: Weymouth Police Digital

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Thanks for the information. I think I've heard their Channel 2 once since they've had it. I think "force voting" is making that particular site be the one that the console hears. That would be a way of testing each receiver site under controlled circumstances to make sure that they are all on line. That's my guess, anyway. No idea what link delay is, unless it's related to how the receivers send audio back to the voter/comparator.

Anyway, I'd expect a change to P25 sometime in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully without full time encryption.
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Re: Weymouth Police Digital

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garys wrote:
02 Nov 2019 17:24
it's related to how the receivers send audio back to the voter/comparator.
This, exactly.


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