Shattuck Hospital

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Shattuck Hospital

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I believe are using DMR now.

453.1500 TG 16776415 CC 12 TS1.
I heard references to "S1, S2" this morning, some names.

The comms were broken up in Needham.

I know one member here has a lot of Hospital DMR notes, so I am hoping they have this one too.
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Re: Shattuck Hospital

Post by OceanNora »

I don't have anything in my notes on it, I parked my 436 on the frequency for about 5 hours and only got Holbrook Fire but I'll keep listening over the next week or so. Unfortunately I'm not sure if I'd be able to hear it from near Logan. The Shattuck's future home, the former Newton Pavilion at BMC is being reopened as a quarantine/treatment center during the current crisis. I know DPH PD already had a slight presence down there so it might be worth listening to this and other frequencies licensed to DPH. Slightly related, it's worth listening to BUMC and BMC-licensed frequencies as this crisis go on, there are definitely a few unlisted frequencies in use due to the current crisis.

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