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Spencer Fair

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I know there is only a few more hours left but here are findings from the other night while sitting outside the https://www.spencerfair.org/

They appear to be using https://dcrentals.net/ radios judging by the licenses https://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/UlsSea ... ey=3933161 They were used as stand alone channels, no trunking that I could tell.

461.2375 CC 1 SLOT 1 SECURITY
461.2375 D445
462.7625 CC 1 SLOT 1
462.8875 CC 1 SLOT 1 PARKING
461.0875 CC 1 SLOT 1 GROUNDS
461.0875 D606

The analog hits were just radio checks that went unanswered. I'm guessing they were on the wrong zone.

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