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Discussion forum for scanning Central Massachusetts, including the City of Worcester and Worcester County
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DCU Center

Post by ecps92 »

with the DCU now being the "Center" of attention in Central Mass with the opening of the Medical Field Hospital
there must be some on-going RF out there, time for those local to listen and practice safe COVID distancing via RF monitoring,

https://scan-ne.net/wiki/index.php?titl ... _Worcester
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Re: DCU Center

Post by sawyer100 »

pretty depressing the past 2 weeks on the MA National Guard low band & VHF freqs. They have both been completely silent. Only heard 3 radio tests on the low band Worcester rptr, and 2 radio tests on the VHF Princeton rptr (one in analog & the other in P25 digital). I have 2 scanners running low band freqs and the other on VHF freqs. Since I'm doing that, I stopped monitoring Worcester P25 TRS, unless they are on Worcester's system.?.

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